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Observation session preparer - Step 1: Fill the form

Prepare easily your observation night by filling this form. With the gathered information, a schedule will be generated with objects to point to in an appropriate order. The complete session will also be available as PDF. All fields are mandatory.

Ce programme est aussi disponible en version hors-ligne ! AstroGenerator


Note: Generation can take several seconds
Average generation time: 12s Generated sessions: 76312

Some information and advices

  • The longer your observing session is, the longer the computation will take.
  • Be careful, restraining the choice to one or several constellations greatly reduces the possibilities for observation.
  • Avoid unwise choices: long session (more than 6hrs) and small observation period per object.
  • You can modify the session after it has been generated.
  • Remember to save your session, it is deleted after two hours.

Recently generated sessions (past 2 hours)

When Where Level Duration Telescope Generation time
58min agoLannion, FranceNovice2h150/7507.18s
1h 1min agoLe Lude, FranceNovice1h406/18000.93s
1h 22min agoBoulogne-Sur-Gesse, FranceAmateur1h130/9007.25s
1h 42min agoBricquebec, FranceNovice4h150/7500.82s
1h 47min agoMontbazon, FranceNovice2h200/10004.69s
1h 48min agoLa Ferte-Alais, FranceAmateur1h150/7505.43s
1h 48min agoNamur, BelgiqueExperienced3h254/25407.47s

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